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Stage 13

Difficult stage

From Spormaggiore 5 km downhill until you reach the SS 43 della Valle di Non. At the roundabout towards Vigo di Non to avoid the SS. On the municipal road up to Taio. A few km on the SS 43 up to Malgolo and then take the cycle path up to Fondo.

From here begins the ascent to Passo Palade at 1518 meters. Long descent towards Merano.

Stage 12

From Vesio descent on the lake to Limone del Garda. You get on the Gardesana by carefully walking through the last tunnels. Passing from Riva del Garda to Arco. From here on the cycle path you arrive at Sarche. Direction Ponte Arche, start the climb on the state road and then leave it at the fifth bend before the tunnels.

The passage in the Sarche gorges on a cycle path in a splendid setting. From Villa Banale begins the slow ascent towards Lake Molveno up to the 1040 meters of Andalo. Last km downhill to get to Spormaggiore

Stage 3

Ferry that takes us to Bellagio. Here begins the ascent of the Madonna del Ghisallo, 10 km with the challenging initial part. Arrival at the pass in Magreglio. Long fast descent that leads us to Asso. Then you enter Brianza, there are no long climbs but the path is very undulating until you reach the control of Rescaldina.