To take part to the event, registered athletes must have a valid health certificate covering the whole period of the event itself.
ALPI 4000 will use DataHealth service in order to check upon the possession of a valid health certificate for each athlete. Therefore all participants, with Italian or NON Italian residence, are required to upload on and have their health certificate validated by DataHealth before 12 July 2018; please note that the possession of a card issued by a Federation or other entity is not sufficient.
Those athletes who are not registered on DataHealth yet should visit , register and upload a valid health certificate according the following criteria:
• Italian residents: Agonistic certificate for Cycling
• NON Italian residents: A certificate consistent with the model attached (ATTENTION: the sport
“cycling” must be specified by the doctor when filling out the model)

When the system ask to pay for certificate upload use the Coupon we sent you.
If you didn't receive the coupon please contact us.

For any additional information regarding the registration, uploading and payment procedure you can refer to the FAQ page on the website Once the certificate has been uploaded and paid, the certificate will pass to the validation phase where it will be checked by DataHealth.
Once the certificate has been validated (usually within 48 hours from the payment time), you will receive an email signaling the successful validation of your certificate; attached to such email you will also find a QR code* including all the relevant data related to your certificate along with a digital copy of the certificate itself. You will be required to show the QR Code at the time you collect your race kit on the day of the event.


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