US Bormiese and ASD Vallelvobike, in agreement and unity of purpose, organize on 22 July 2018 a Brevet Randonneurs Mondiaux of 1500 km crossing 3 countries.
Brevets allow pace at choice and cyclists must ride with no assistance apart from that authorized by organizers. 
ALPI4000 implements BRM (Brevet Randonneur Mondiaux) regulations.

Art.1 : Admission Conditions

ALPI 4000 extreme is open only to those cyclists who:
•    are between 18 (calendar year) and 75 (calendar year) years old, regardless of sex; 
•   have a sports medical fitness certificate; foreign participants must have a fitness certificate drawn up in accordance with the form E - Health Certificate . For every participant, either resident in Italy or abroad, the fitness certificate for participation must still be valid on the day of the competition.

The DataHealth service will ascertain the possession of a valid medical certificate; therefore, for participants resident in Italy and abroad, the medical certificate required by this regulation must uploaded to and validated by the Data Health service (, by the day 12 July 2018.

It is NOT enough to have a membership card of a sports association.

In order to be clear, here the procedure step by step: 1) Entry to ALPI 4000 2) Successive upload of medical certificate on  Data Health.  An e-mail with a code for free registration and instructions about how to upload the certificate on DataHealth will be sent to every participant.
Registration on DataHealth must be completed within 1 June and 12 July 2018.

Riders not in order with the certificate are not admitted to the start.



Art.2 : Validation of means and security

All two/three wheel-means are admitted. Handlebars and muscle strength pedals propulsion are required. 

Cycles must be provided with a fixed and sufficiently powerful lighting system; it must be visible for 100 meters forwards and 150 meters backwards. The forward light must be WHITE, the backward light must be RED. Lighting must be a fixed piece of equipment on the cycle, also during daytime.  Lighting must be switched on at sundown, or when visibility is insufficient, both when the cyclist is alone and in group. 

Use of reflective jacket or armbands is mandatory during nighttime and when in tunnels. Use of rigid helmet is mandatory during the entire route of ALPI 4000. 


Art.3 : Entry

It is not necessary to qualify in order to enter ALPI 4000; entry must be completed online on this web site, individually from 10 January 2018 to 15 July 2018 following any of these procedures:
•    Early applications (10€) will be open from 10 October 2017 until 25 December 2017.
•    Entries at a cost of 190€ (balance) for those who have an early application will open 10 January 2018 and will close 15 February 2018
•    Entries for non-early applicants will open on 1 March 2018 and will close on 30 April 2018 at a cost of 250€.
•    In case of remaining places or added available places, entries will be open from 15 May 2018 at a cost of 300€.

Registration will take place on 21 July 2018 in Bormio (SO). Exact location for registration will be communicated as soon as possible.

At moment of registration and in order to receive the personal card the following documents are required:                 
1)    Signed LIABILITY RELEASE WAIVER in the original (download from website when entering)
2)    For those who have it, original or copy of their affiliation card valid for 2018 (both sides)
3)    Valid identification document

Online payment
-    CREDIT CARD or wire transfer

Other services with online payment
-    Bag Drop: 10€. Bags are handed in to the authorized staff in Bormio, who will deliver them to the RANDO POINT in Biella, available for double transit. Dimensions must be below 80x40x40 cm; weight must be below 10 kg. Bags will be again available for collection in Bormio after 10 pm on Wednesday 25 July 2018.
-    Shuttle Milano Malpensa (Airport) – Bormio round trip (price and booking information will be available for riders no later than 30 May 2018). 


Art.4 : Cancel of entry and refund.

The cancellation done 90 days before the start allows to get back 70% of the total amount; 60% of the total amount if the cancellation is done 60 days before the start; 40% of the total amount if the cancellation is done 30 days before the start. 
However, we will organize a waiting list of riders who want to sell their place in the last 60 days before the start. Once ALPI 4000 will be sold out, in June we will run a waiting list of people who want to participate.
Opportunity to cede own entry is available until 15 days before the start by contacting the organizers (a new procedure will cost 20€ ). 
Refund will be paid back from 1 November 2018 to 30 November 2018 through wire transfer or Paypal transfer.


Art. 5 

- 5.1 Every excursionist rider during ALPI 4000: 
•    is considered to be on a personal ride;
•    must respect traffic laws of each country crossed (Italy, France and Switzerland) and all official road signage;
•    must use bike lanes, where available. 
Organizers must not be considered in any case liable of any accident which may occur before, during or after the Brevet.    

- 5.2 Start must be carried out in litte groups.



As ALPI 4000 envisages night ride, every type of cycle must be provided with a forward and backward lighting system, fixed on the cycle and in constant functioning. Riders with no proper lighting system (as described) will not be allowed to start. 
Lighting must be switched on at sundown, or when visibility is insufficient. Every rider must switch on the lighting system and verify its functioning when needed.
Every cycle must be provided with a double lighting system: WHITE forward light and RED backward light.
During nighttime and in case of insufficient visibility, every rider must wear light clothing and reflective armbands, ankle bands and jackets



Violations of Art.6 of these regulations, observed during a control, be it a set one or a surprise one, entail immediate expulsion from ALPI 4000 through withdrawal of the personal card.



Every rider should provide for his/her own needs with no external support.

No organized service is allowed along the route.

Assistance is allowed only near authorized official controls.

No rider can take advantage of the wake of other cyclists on personal excursion, of cars or motorcycles. No rider can take advantage of constant lighting provided by any vehicle. 

Single lines are PREFERRED. Double lines and groups are DISCOURAGED as they could obstruct traffic.


Violations of Art.8 entail expulsion from the event. 



Every rider is expected to behave properly and must respect the staff at RANDO POINTS



In order to enter the ALPI 4000 Brevet every rider must fill in the entry form and deposit the entry amount set by the organizers no later than the established deadline..


Art. 12

Before the start every rider will be given:
-    a tracking system allowing registration and localization of the entrant;
-    a booklet “Road Book” with all necessary directions for coverage of the route;
-    a “Booklet of Trip” (Libretto di Viaggio) which, at time of arrival, must be completed with all requested control stamps in order for the Brevet to be certified.
This “Booklet of Trip” must be shown to the RANDO POINT staff in order to be able to benefit from available services. 


Art. 13

Every rider must respect time limits for opening and closing of controls, as illustrated on his/her “Booklet of Trip”. Arrival and stamp must happen within opening and closing time, they are compulsory.
One or more surprise controls could take place along the route. 


Art. 14

Every rider will be requested to exhibit his/her Booklet of Trip at arrival. It must be completed with all requested control stamps and time of passage in order for the Brevet to be certified. 



ALPI 4000 is not a competition and no ranking will be drawn. Organizers will draw an alphabetical list of certified participants specifying time spent for covering the route.  



Every rider, before start, must sign a LIABILITY RELEASE WAIVER agreeing to the respect of these regulations for ALPI 4000. 



Organizers will deliver either a BRM Brevet to all those riders who will have covered the route within 140 hours or a BRI Brevet if they have done so between 141 and 158 hours. Brevets will be delivered only to those riders who cover the whole route and respect Art.14. 

ALPI 4000 Brevet is valid in order to obtain Gran Brevetto ARI L’Italia del Grand Tour (IGT), composed of four different over-1200 km-randonnées taking place every fourth year (rules are available on